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The Gaming Control Act authorizes the Board to complete the functions of investigating, licensing, regulating and penalizing casino operators, casino gaming employees, key employees, management companies and holding companies.

As the regulator, the Board has jurisdiction over all persons licensed by the State to conduct casino gaming.

To fulfill the mission and the responsibilities of the Board, the Executive Director oversees five divisions that provide critical functions to ensure the integrity of casino gaming; licensing, audit, enforcement, information systems and operations. The office of the general counsel is responsible for providing advice and counsel in policies and procedures impacting the Board’s work in regulating casino gaming.

Administrative Services

Cynthia Ortega-Armijo – Director/CFO, 505-259-0049
Administrative Services Fax – 505-841-9725

Audit & Compliance

Steve Sneddon – Director, 505-401-3227
Audit & Compliance Fax – 505-841-9725

Background & Licensing

Robert Zajac – Director 505-221-7551
Background & Licensing Fax – 505-841-9725

Enforcement & Investigations

Terry McGaha – Commander, 505-401-0425
Enforcement & Investigations Fax – 505-841-9725

Information Systems

Vacant – Operations Manager, 505-377-4697
Jonas Myers – IT Security & Compliance Admin, 505-660-1662
Operations Hotline – 505-379-3914
Information Systems Fax – 505-841-9725


Anna Salazar – Operations Manager, 505-977-9416
Operations Hotline: 505-379-3914
Device-related issues:
Project submissions:
Transport ID Requests:
Revenue Report Inquiries:

Office of the Executive Director

Terry McGaha – Acting Executive Director, 505-401-0425

Office of General Counsel

Vacant – General Counsel
Michelle Pato – Lead Attorney, 505-331-5734
Office of General Counsel Fax – 505-841-9725

Public Information Officer
Fax – 505-841-9725

State Gaming Representative

Van Billops – Acting State Gaming Representative, 505-841-9700