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The Licensing Division is responsible for reviewing all applications submitted by entities and individuals seeking licensure under the Gaming Control Act and Bingo and Raffle Act in the state of New Mexico.

Licensing staff conducts a background check on each applicant to verify that the information contained in the application and supplemental information gathered by the division is accurate. Gaming applications are processed  and reviewed for presentation to the Board for approval or denial. Bingo and Raffle applications are reviewed and approved or denied by the Licensing Division. The burden is on the applicant to prove qualification to hold a license, permit or certification.

The Licensing division acts as a liaison with licensees to ensure compliance with the Gaming Control Act and Bingo and Raffle Act after licensure. Organizations and individuals licensed in New Mexico must be held in good standing with their parent organizations and with the state of New Mexico.

Contact Information

Robert Zajac – Director 505-221-7551

Main Office Line – 505-841-9700
Background & Licensing Fax – 505-841-9725