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Fingerprint Important Conditions

Please note the conditions and time frames for fingerprint submissions.

Fingerprinting Procedures for New and Renewal Applicants

All applicants will be required to: Register and make payment with Cogent; Have Fingerprints taken; and submit the receipt with their completed new or renewal application.

All applicant fingerprint background checks will be processed electronically. Please register at

Procedure for Submission of Fingerprint Hard Cards

If you are an out of state applicant or already have fingerprint hard cards that you prefer to process.

1. Why do I need to be fingerprinted Fingerprints

2. What do I need to do Fingerprints

3. What should I bring to the fingerprint site Fingerprints

4. Can I modify my registration in case of an error made during the process Fingerprints

5. How long is my registration valid Fingerprints

6. What happens if my fingerprint submission is rejected by the FBI Fingerprints

7. What do I include with my application Fingerprints

8. Online Registration Process Fingerprints