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The New Mexico Department of Public Safety will be transitioning to a new fingerprint supported background checks provider, IDEMIA, effective this May 2023.

Important Dates for the Transition:

April 13, 2023: Last day to register for ink cards is April 13, 2023. Your ink card application must be received by Aril 14, 2023 for your request to be processed.

April 14, 2023:  Last day Thales will accept ink cards is April 14, 2023.  All ink cards received after that date will be returned and the applicant will be refunded.

April 27, 2023:  Last day to register under Thales is April 27, 2023, at 5:00pm MT.

April 28, 2023:  Last day for fingerprint sites to capture fingerprints is April 28, 2023, at 5:00pm MT. All open registrations will be canceled and refunded.

DPS and IDEMIA will be sending out announcements detailing specific information of the new solution to current state agencies who currently have an established ORI number and a current Thales login to view background check results. Please look for important communications from More information will be submitted through email as well as posted on the New Mexico Department of Public Safety website.

Fingerprint Background Check Services - FAQs

Fingerprint Background Check Services – State of New Mexico Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)