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The Audit and Compliance Division continues to develop and adapt procedures to ensure licensees are in compliance with all applicable gaming regulations; to ensure licensee assets are safeguarded; AND TO preserve the integrity of gaming at all licensed venues in the State.


Staffed with qualified individuals with specialized knowledge of the gaming industry, many of whom hold advanced degrees and the specialized certification of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), the Audit Division verifies gaming licensees’ compliance with the Gaming Control Act, Board Rules, and Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS).

In addition to compliance reviews completed twice per year for all nonprofit and racetrack gaming operator licensees, the auditors perform inspections of all Bingo and Raffle licensees through field visits, examining quarterly reports and providing training for new licensees and their staffs, as well as, perform analysis of financial statements for all racetrack, manufacturer, and distributor licensee applicants to assess financial condition.

The Division also assists the Office of the State Gaming Representative in the review and verification of the state’s tribal gaming venues’ revenue sharing calculations, problem gambling contributions, and other financial obligations outlined in the State Compacts.

Contact Information

Steve Sneddon Director, 505-401-3227

Main Office Line – 505-841-9700

Audit & Compliance Fax – 505-841-9725