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Report Illegal or Suspicious Gambling Activity

Tips are a critical source of information about illegal or suspicious activity. We encourage tips and ask you to share as much information as possible by one of three means:

  • Phone line for anonymous tips, 505-841-9777, which is answered during normal business hours and accepts after-hours and weekend messages via voicemail.
  • Phone line for not anonymous tips, 505-401-0425
  • Email (NOT anonymous):


We are committed to maintaining confidentiality no matter which communications method you choose. If you don’t speak to an investigator, please consider leaving your contact information so we can ask you for additional details if needed.

Please share details including but not limited to:

  • Type of illegal or suspicious gambling activity
  • When it occurred
  • Where it occurred or where it does occur at a specific time
  • Who is involved: name(s), nickname(s), age(s), date(s) of birth, address(es), physical characteristics (height, weight, tattoos, clothing), vehicle description(s) and people with whom they associate or live
  • Any other helpful details