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Operations is responsible for the monitoring, verification, and management of the gaming machines and software at non-tribal gaming venues in the State of New Mexico. This is accomplished by utilizing modern tools that include IRIS (Integrated Regulatory Information System), Kobetron, and the NMGCB Central Monitoring System (CMS.) This ensures the highest level of gaming integrity for the citizens of the State of New Mexico.

IRIS and Kobetron are advanced software inventory management and tracking systems that instantly verify all gaming software is approved by certified gaming test laboratories, GLI (Gaming Labs International), and BMM Test Labs. IRIS also alerts Operations when any software becomes revoked, providing real-time monitoring of the regulatory status of all gaming components on all non-tribal casino floors. Furthermore, Operations has a strong partnership with GLI and BMM, who are industry leaders in the testing, certification, and quality assurance of gaming.

Operations is also responsible for the management of the statutorily mandated Gaming Central Monitoring System. The Legislature, enacting the Gaming Control Act, specified the provisions in §60-2E-43, requiring a central monitoring system. This system is critical due to the statutory nature of gaming regulation and technology utilized by the Gaming Control Board.

The NMGCB Central Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art computer system designed to monitor the status, performance, and control of all non-tribal gaming machines in the State of New Mexico. This provides an accurate and immediate verification of gaming machine data by confirming the following:

Ensures that only approved gaming machines are offered to the public and provides powerful inventory management tools.

  • Calculates the amount owed to the state in gaming tax each day by machine.
  • Thoroughly monitors financial meter reporting to ensure tax bill accuracy.
  •  Provides a daily report to each gaming operator licensee detailing actual gameplay and provides a full accounting of each gaming machine’s activity.
  • Provides real-time regulation; eliminates costly, time-consuming, and less accurate after-the-fact audits, which significantly reduces the cost of regulation.
  • Enhances security by verifying all access to gaming machines.
  • Tracks and records notable events generated on the gaming device.
  • Permits the Board, in extreme circumstances, to immediately disable machines.
  • Industry standard protocol allows operators greater flexibility.

Contact Information

Operations Manager: Anna Salazar, 505-977-9416

Operations Hotline: 505-379-3914

Device-related issues: GCB-Slottech@gcb.nm.gov

Project submissions: GCB-Planning@gcb.nm.gov

Transport ID Requests: GCB-Transport@gcb.nm.gov

Revenue Report Inquiries: GCB-VGTR@gcb.nm.gov