Enforcement Division

The mission of the Gaming Control Board (GCB) Enforcement Division is to ensure honesty and integrity in the New Mexico gaming industry by protecting the public interest in promoting a legitimate gaming industry that is free of corrupt and dishonest practices.  GCB Special Agents provide specialized investigative support to minimize criminal involvement and ensure public confidence and trust in New Mexico’s gaming industry.
The Division is comprised of certified law enforcement Special Agents with statewide authority and jurisdiction.  GCB Special Agents investigate and enforce the New Mexico Gaming Control Act, New Mexico Bingo and Raffle Act, associated regulations and New Mexico criminal statutes.
Special Agents monitor gaming activity in the State by:

Implementing routine inspections of gambling operations;

  • Targeting non-compliant gambling establishments;
  • Investigating suspected violations of the Gaming Control Act, Bingo/Raffle Act and other gambling or criminal statutes;
  • Safeguarding against embezzlement of gambling establishment’s profits and money laundering;
  • Investigating complaints and disputes lodged against licensees or other persons;
  • Coordinating multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations involving gambling establishments with local, state, and federal agencies;
  • Examining the integrity and legality of gaming devices and equipment;
  • Regulating the transportation and shipment of gaming machines, other gaming devices, software and other media within the State; and
  • Processing patron exclusions from gaming facilities.

Contact Information

Terry McGaha – Commander, 505-401-0425
Enforcement & Investigations Fax – 505-841-9725